Seeds of Service

"Do It Because It Has To Be Done!" - Dharma Mittra. 

Seeds of Service is a Karma Yoga Club helping those in need locally and globally through service opportunities, fundraising, and events. Seeds of Service was created by the graduates of the Love Integration Yoga & Come Together Yoga Yoga Bhakti Dharma School teacher training courses, but everyone is welcomed to join! The more the merrier. So far the club has organized a 108 sun salutation challenge where all proceeds went to puresa humanitarian, & a large yoga festival to support Stand For Trees.

Lately, the teachers and students of love integration have been using the space to develop classes and creative workshops that can give back to charities that mean something special to them on a personal level. Over Christmas, one of our teachers, Patrick hand crafted wooden bird houses for us all to paint, the fundraising event was a hit! We loved it so much, we met the following weekend to craft gingerbread houses. We donated the proceeds to one of our student’s Stephanie Klemons organization, Katie’s Art Project.

Tai Chi teacher and retired health food store owner, Bob Binder from Bob’s Natural Foods, recently taught a Tai Chi in everyday Life workshop to support the Travis Mills Foundation this past May. And in June, yoga student and classical violinist, Chelsea Winter helped us to organize a Night of String Quartet Music to support our animal friends over at the Long Beach Humane Society. Later in the month, a whole host of teachers donated their time and talent to organize a Summer Solstice/International Day of Yoga event on the beach in support of United We Om, an organization that brings yoga to underprivileged communities. With barely 2 years in a brick and mortar space, we feel that we are just getting started here at Love Integration Yoga, We look forward to becoming a pillar of support for the Long Beach Community for years to come! Every little bit helps…

Love is at the root of all creation. It is our very essence and its power sustains everything and all living beings. Through the active practice of Love and its vibration we are able to heal ourselves, help others, and nurture the planet, one cause at a time.

Get involved Summer 2019: Join us for Community Yoga at the studio!  All proceeds from our community yoga classes at 5 pm on Sunday evenings through July & August will be donated to help fund The Long Beach Community Garden! If you’d like to get involved with the garden, we will add you to the community garden email newsletter.



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