Work Exchange


The financial commitment to maintain a studio practice can be challenging at times. Apply for a Karma Yoga Position at Love Integration to benefit from comped yoga classes in exchange for your time. Different from a volunteer position, a Karma Yoga work exchange requires demonstration of reliability and timeliness, as well as people and computer skills. At times this position can require flexibility and willingness to be a team player. Click the link below after reading the responsibilities and shift exchange plan for the Love Integration Karma Yoga Work Exchange Program if you are interested in applying. We look forward to hearing from you!

In exchange for one 4.5 shift per week, or 2 2-Hour shifts per week, you will receive unlimited yoga classes as well as boutique and workshop discounts!

  • To be eligible for the Karma Yoga Work Exchange Program you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be personable and possess exceptional communication skills (in person, on the telephone, and in email)

  • Exhibit strong administrative skills (organization, efficiency, and excellent computer literacy)

  • Regularly attend Love Integration classes, staff meetings and other fun community events once hired

  • Be dependable and punctual

  • Be observant and able to communicate Love Integration Studio Etiquette

  • Have a “how can I help?” attitude!

Application, Please answer the following questions and email them to

  1. What attracted you to apply for this position at Love Integration?

  2. Do you currently practice yoga? If so, have you practiced at Love Integration Yoga before?

  3. This studio was founded with the intention to become a space for community and healing. As a karma yogi, you are oftentimes the first contact people have with Love Integration and thus a representative of the studio. How do you feel you can contribute to building and strengthening this sense of community in your position as a karma yogi?

  4. Would you be available to cover the occasional shift should another karma yogi need coverage?

  5. Do you have previous experience in customer service?

  6. Do you have any hidden talents or skills? Ex: are you bi-lingual? are you an artist? do you have organizational skills? Let us know a little bit about yourself!

  7. Describe your current availability.