On Mercy - by Prem Sadasivananda

The aspirant on the path of Yoga should be humble, simple, gentle, refined, tolerant, merciful and kind. Sivananda

Comment: Why did so many great masters and incarnations of the past speak of mercy? And yet does anybody use this beautiful word today? Mercy is the condition of a complete identification with a person or any being. It is the state in which our own existence melts into the existence of another.

When you left arm hurts, you don't think, "This is my left arm hurting, it is ok, I will pay attention to my right arm now." You feel your body as one. You act to heal or save your left arm as if it were your whole body. So does a merciful person feel for another as if that being or a person were himself or herself. In mercy we feel and understand deeply the depth of somebody's suffering or pain. We take it into our heart and hold it there.

"Blessed are the merciful; for they shall obtain mercy." Prem Sadasivananda