learn to incorporate essential oils into daily life

Love Integration Yoga will be hosting four workshops on how to incorporate Essential oils to your daily lives by learning how to use them for your health and well-being! Please join us on the following dates for an experience you won't want to miss!
These workshops are by donation! 

August 12th 2018- Natural Solutions using Essential Oils
Learn how to use Essential oils for all your health goals. We will discuss the benefits of essential oils and how you can incorporate healthy living and healthy goals into your life feeling confident about the products you are using. This is a great class to start your journey incorporating essential oils into your life.

September 9th 2018- Chakras and Essential Oils
Essential oils balance your vibrational energy. Learn how to support your chakras with essential oils. This class will teach you how to balance your chakra energy and you will experience the shift of your energy when applying the essential oils.

October 6th 2018- Getting Sick? Support your immune system with immune-boosting essential oils.
Learn how to keep your house free of germs the natural way. Learn what oils and products are safe and secure knowing they are non-toxic, but are potent enough to protect your immune system. 

November 11th 2018- Emotional Aromatherapy
In our stressful ever-changing world learn to use essential oils to help calm and center your life. Learn an easy meditation while incorporating the essential oils to enhance your experience. These powerful essential oils will balance your emotional energy. You will learn how to manage stress using these natural solutions that you can feel good about.