my first kirtan by Marissa Iovino


A kirtan involves a musical number, followed by a spiritual discussion - and, in our case: a fruitful meditation. The music numbers are collective: Call and response style chanting. Prem leads using both the harmonium and guitar, other yogis may play the tambourine; many contribute using shaker instruments. This is my first kirtan; but proves to be a rewarding and accessible experience. The continuous vibration of sounds and movements are invigorating.

It is such a treat to have Prem Sadasivananda leading courses and events at Love Integration. The kirtan is the first time I have the pleasure of meeting Prem; and, as cheesy as it sounds, I was enamored once he walked through the door. Prem carries with him an energy that is radiant. Sitting in the front row, I knew I was revitalizing the moment we began meditating. His speeches reach every member of the crowd in ways that are absolutely unique. Saturday’s lecture touched on subjects such as: the mind’s ability to curate our reality, illusions and distractions, and removing ourselves from the bondage we’re holding onto.

Kirtan to me means a cleansing, a spiritual awakening regarding the things we’re blissful to ignore. Stepping out, breaking through our boundaries. Kirtans allow us to become one step closer to our true self.