Love Integration is dedicated to developing the awareness of one common consciousness and of the ever-present divine love within all beings. Love Integration’s teachings provide a strong foundation and necessary tools for self-study and self-growth. By learning how to focus inwards, our thoughts and actions begin to reflect the nature of the self. Honoring our authentic self involves expressing the divine qualities of the heart in daily living through communication, respect, love, peace, compassion and courage. 

Love is at the root of all creation; it is present in all living beings. Being our very essence, it is the power of love that sustains everything. Through the active practice of and the vibration of Love we are able to heal ourselves, help others, and nurture the planet. Love Integrations' mission is simply to awaken the love-consciousness in others, so that they can affect and accelerate the healing process. 

Come as you are. All are welcome.

Love Integration is a friendly yoga studio located in the heart of Long Beach, New York. Only a 50 minute train ride from Manhattan, Long Beach radiates the ultimate staycation vibes. The studio is conveniently located directly across the street from the Long Island Railroad, and a stone's throw away from the beautiful beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. Here at Love Integration Yoga we have classes of all levels taught by a diverse staff of exceptional instructors. We’d love to meet you!

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Island Immersion Yoga Retreat

February 1st -8th 2020

With Direct Flights Out of JFK

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